Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the bookmarks on Homepage without an account?

Yes. You can delete or add bookmarks from the default selection or country specific bookmarks without an account or logging in.

However if you want to add your own bookmarks with your own URL you need an account and therefore you need to log in first.

What about the lower task bar? Can I use that without having an account?

Yes. You can write your notes, text and agenda events without the need to log in.  However due to  your browser’s cookie limit you can only write up to certain number of  notes, text and agenda events. If you want to add more you need to log in to your account. 

All other tasks in the lower task bar can be used without an account, except for the Slide Show for which you’ll be needing an account to save your images.

Then what's the point of creating an account or logging in if I can do most of my customization without it?

There is a distinct  advantage when you log in to your account to customize Homepage.

When you customize Homepage without an account or without logging in, your data is saved only on the device that you’re using through your browser cookie. This means that if you want to access your Homepage through other devices such as your phone, your tablet or another computer you would have to customize Homepage on each of those devices individually again and if you change anything on one device none of the other devices will show that change.

However when you log in to your account to customize Homepage your data is saved on our servers and therefore can be accessed from any device. All your bookmarks, customization, notes, text, agenda events and images will be saved in to your account no matter which device you use. All your devices will show the same customized Homepage and if you change anything on one device, all other devices will show the same change.

Also customizing Homepage through an account is more personable. You know right way it’s your page as you can see your name and your profile picture appearing in the top part of the screen.

We only recommend customizing through logging in but it’s entirely up to you.